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Dear Brother and Sister Firefighters,

I have received many calls from firefighters who were unaware that action must be taken during the open enrollment  period to avoid a $12.50 per pay period fee increase to your health insurance contribution. The COA open enrollment period is officially closed BUT they have agreed to reopen for a short period of time to help fix this issue if you act ASAP.

This would only affect you if you:               

  • are covering your partner/spouse on your COA health insurance policy.
  • have a partner/spouse who is NOT a smoker.
  • did NOT declare during the regular COA open enrollment period that your partner/spouse is NOT a smoker.

To correct this issue, contact COA HR at (512) 974-3284 during normal business hours ASAP! Inform them that you would like to declare that your partner/spouse is NOT a smoke and that you wish to change you open enrollment criteria. They will be able to handle this over the phone.

Please let me know if this does not fix your issue at

Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association

Cell (512) 217-3474

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Results of AFA 2015 Officer Elections

Thank you to all who voted.  

Trustee Election Results:

Mark Schultz has been elected Trustee to serve a 3 year term.

Click here to view Vote results.

The Following positions individuals have won by acclimation:

President  - Bob Nicks
VP A-Shift - Christine Jones
VP B-Shift - Geoff Mitchell
VP C-Shift - Lynn Eichler

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Colin Camp Fundraising Campaign

Colin Camp was a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department for 7 years until June 18th 2013 when he was struck by a large SUV.  Since that date, Colin has been unable to speak, walk or eat. He receives his food through a feed tube.  Colin has requires 24 hour care.

 Health insurance no longer covers the stay at the facility he is at, and now that has to be paid out of pocket, which is about $9,000 a month, not including the physical, occupational and speech therapy that he receives on a daily basis.  For this very reason a GO FundMe account has been created.  Please click on the link and donate.  

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AFA formal request to ATCEMS

Click on the image below to view entire Letter from AFA to ATCEMS as a formal request to begin discussions regarding consolidation.

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Click on grey question mark and follow simple instructions to get your forgotten username and password sent to you within 3 minutes (times many vary).

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