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Austin Firefighters Association

AFA 911 Events Schedule

2015 AFA 9/11 Events Schedule

Buford Tower 2

7:30 a.m.: Annual memorial service to remember those firefighters who lost their lives on September 11.  Buford Fire Tower on Lady Bird Lake,

Location:  Cesar Chavez and Congress.

Austin Firefighters Association will hold their annual memorial to remember all who fell on September 11, 2001.  This ceremony also incorporates a remembrance of Austin Firefighters, active and retired, who have passed away in the last year.  The event will take place at Buford Tower. The ceremony will include the Austin Firefighter Honor Guard, Emergency Services Pipes and Drums Association and AFD Quint 1




AFA Tower Climb.jpg09:30 a.m.: AFD 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Austin firefighters will climb the Pleasant Valley Drill Tower in full turnout gear, an air pack, and a hose bundle. Firefighters will make the number of up and down flights which equals roughly the height of the World Trade Center. The climb is done in complete silence and it takes about an hour.

(Firefighters from Austin and surrounding areas have been participating in this Memorial Stair Climb every year since that tragic day in 2001. The first climb actually took place the day after the tragedy at the AFD William Roberts Training Academy during the training of Cadet Class #106.)

Location:  517 S. Pleasant Valley Rd.



ESPADA Rotunda.jpg

12:00 p.m. : Bagpipes and Drums. Hosted by the Texas Capitol.

Emergency Service Pipes and Drums Association (ESPADA) will play in the Texas State Capitol Rotunda.

Location:  State Capitol Rotunda






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2015 911Tees


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Brothers and Sisters, On June 18th 2013, Firefighter and Union Brother Colin Camp was struck while riding his bicycle and critically injured.  Colin suffered a grievous head injury and today he requires constant care at a skilled nursing facility.  The criminal trial for the man, Stephen Charles Murphy, who struck him and then tried to flee the scene, starts next week.  Colin's family has asked for members of his firefighting family to come and support them during the trial.  The trail will be held at the Travis County Criminal Justice Complex, 509 W. 11th.  The case is being tried in the 167th District Court located on the 8th floor.  The first day of trial is Tuesday, August 11th starting at 0900.  The trial may last up to four days. Members can come and go from the courtroom as their schedule permits. 

If you do attend the prosecutor has one important ground rule:


Absolutely no uniforms or other clothing that would identify you as a firefighter, this includes Station T-shirts.  This could be seen as prejudicial, and be used by the Defense Attorney to get a mistrial or assist in an appeal.


We will keep you updated as the trial progresses for any last minute schedule changes. 



Palmer Buck 512-633-5854



PS we still need help filling the August ride schedule for Brother Chris Youngblood.  You can view the ride calendar here


Calendar account #203125


helper login 1459



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Schlitterbahn Discount for AFA members

For year round fun at Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts, use the link below to access our Partner Discounts.  Discounts are available for admission, season passes, accommodations and more.  Although cabana discounts are not currently available through our Partner Program, we have provided a rental link for your convenience.

To view the park-specific offers, visit Partner Link listed below and follow the steps listed below.

  • Choose your park
  • Select the Item Type you wish to purchase.
  • Enter your Quantities and Follow the Prompts.
  • Enter your Promotional Code and Apply Promotion as requested one time only.
  • Visually Confirm that your Rate has changed.
  • Remember, if your Promotional Code is not entered before check out, you will be charged full price.

Partner Link:

 2015 promotional code: 215005409

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6/26/2015 - Membership Update

Brother and Sister Firefighters,

On Wednesday, June 24th the AFA held an appreciation BBQ dinner to honor our friends on the City Council. The event was a huge success. Mayor Adler and 8 other council members attended along with approximately 125 firefighters and family. This is a remarkable showing considering Council's busy schedule requirements.

A big thank you goes out to all the firefighters who attended, you made the event great! Events like this help us to further build our relationships with City Council members. Nurturing and growing these relationships are key to our future success.

There is no place for politics on the fireground, however, over the last several years, it has become painfully obvious that local and state politics have a profound effect on the firefighters' pay, benefits and working conditions as well as our professional standards.

The AFA bargaining team did a magnificent job of negotiating a very favorable CBA, but our leverage to achieve this agreement was built by growing our political and legal might. Specifically, our relationships with council which produced the hiring and training standards council resolutions and the two active consent decree appeals pending with the 5th Circuit changed the nature of our struggle. AFA was able to reach a favorable CBA without ceding our principles.

Now, looking forward, we must to build upon on our successes by growing our PAC, both the regular Pac and the Pension Protection PAC. Myself and PAC and Eboard members will be initiating a PAC membership drive soon so please have your questions ready.

Finally, I want to express my appreciation for all the tremendous membership support over the last several years. Quite simply, it would have been unbearable if not for the understanding and support of the membership. For the firefighters to forego pay raises and contractual benefits for multiple years to make a stand for our important principles makes me proud to be your AFA President. Thank you!

Bob Nicks
President, Austin Firefighters Association



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AFA formal request to ATCEMS

Click on the image below to view entire Letter from AFA to ATCEMS as a formal request to begin discussions regarding consolidation.

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Brother and Sister Firefighters;


Jason Paez and Count are starting a classic car club for any current and former Austin Fire Firefighters that have a passion for classic cars. We are looking at any firefighter that owns a car pre 1980 (exceptions will be made for newer cars) that would be interested in meeting once a month at the Union Hall and caravanning to Top Notch Burgers on Burnet Rd afterwards.  We would like to try and organize an annual car show at the Union Hall once a year to raise money for different organizations in the community and to raise funds to fully and professionally restore our old Fire Engine that is down at shops. We would also like to try and get a group together to go to the annual car show at the Expo Center each year in April. Anyone with a "classic car" that is interested in joining the club please contact us. The club's name will be Austin Skull Draggerz Car Club.


SD President Jason Paez Station 22A

512 897-8103

SD VP Count Station 8A




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CBA Vote Results


Brother and Sister Firefighters,

Thank you to all who voted. This vote had the largest member participation in the history of our organization, with 773 total votes casted. The results was that an overwhelming 93% of the membership voted "NO" to the contract and NO to the further erosion of our professional standards.

[Click here to view the vote results]

The firefighter's principles remain intact, they are non-negotiable and not for sale. Firefighters will not sell their principles for any amount of money and that is what's called INTEGRITY. Our integrity, courage, and belief in our principles are the values that real leaders are made of. The safety of the citizens and firefighters of Austin is NOT for sale, no matter how much pressure the city applies to make us capitulate. 

These principles should be rewarded, not punished. They should be exalted, not stripped away by extorting firefighters family's by eliminating a much deserved pay raise that all other city employees received. We the firefighters, need the support of the citizens, as we are not getting any from city management. The City Manager and Fire Chief are killing the very spirit that they claim to instill in all city employees...honor, duty, family and sacrifice.  

We cannot hold out forever. Over time, if our bosses do not care, if the current council does not care, then we will work hard to seat a new council that will not let our department be destroyed, one that will protect it and support it so great things can continue to happen.

Now we must truly commit to a single cause! We need your help by block-walking and assisting with the campaign. Please go to to sign up and block walk to help seat a new 10-1 city council where fair-minded courageous leaders will stop this nonsense. Join me in becoming part of the difference!


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association



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